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Our lawn care program generally consists of 6-8 applications per year, including:

Pre-emergent weed control- Pre-emergent herbicides applied in early spring prevent the seed germination of annual grasses (like crabgrass and goose grass), and many annual broadleaf weeds.  The best weed is the weed that never appears!  An application will be made between January and February and again between March and April to ensure the best weed control throughout the summer.  A third and fourth pre-emergent (September through December) will be applied in the fall to prevent winter annuals such as henbit, chickweed and poa annua.

Post-emergent weed control- Any weeds that escape the pre-emergent rounds will be controlled with a blanket application, if needed, as well as spot treatments during subsequent fertilizer applications.

Fertilization- Slow release nitrogen fertilizer will be applied throughout the growing season to ensure thick, healthy grass that looks great and crowds out weeds.

Additional Applications- These will be necessary to control some weeds such as dallisgrass, nutsedge and wild onion, or a lawn that has not been cared for and is particularly unruly.  We will discuss the necessary extra steps with you before we begin.

Additional Services-

  • Liming- Arkansas soil tends to be acidic and may need lime to achieve the neutral pH ideal for turf health.
  • Grub Control-Preventative and Curative
  • Core Aeration-Removal of plugs from lawn to relieve compaction, and allow for better nutrient uptake.
  • Fungicide Applications- Most fungi that attack lawns are continually in the soil, waiting for the right conditions- cool, damp nights- before they strike.  These conditions generally exist in Spring and Fall, therefore, we apply 2 – 4 fungicide applications at these times of year as a preventative or curative measure.